Our Fundamental Philosophy

Character formation is the hallmark of our school


Impacting Lives and Nation through Methodist Education since 1891

Mission and Core Values

To provide Education with Mission, Excellence and Compassion

We are committed to educating youths and building schools of excellence to nurture successive generations of students who are marked by the fear of God, respect for fellow humans and God’s creation, wholesomeness in emotional and intellectual maturity, and Christian attributes of faith, love and sacrifice.

We strive to provide a conducive environment to enable them to grow into adults who are empowered to live with wisdom and humility, justice and integrity, and courage and selflessness, both as private individuals and as citizens of our multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation.

We aim to infuse in students of the Christian faith a growing love for God and His Word, and an ever deepening obedience to Jesus Christ.



A.C.E.: The backbone of our learning approach

At WMSI, we are committed to building up each child into a responsible, purposeful individual and citizen equipped with the aptitudes to succeed and adapt in a rapidly changing world through Methodist Education:

A – Academic Excellence!

WMSII has always held its students to high academic standards. Every student is encouraged to be a responsible learner and work to reach their personal best for each subject. A strong focus on English proficiency by employing the Cambridge curriculum in both the private and international schools has been the foundation to WMSII’s academic excellence. We are one of the very few private/international schools in Malaysia that has successfully helped their students to graduate with both the SPM and IGCSE qualifications. Mandarin is also not neglected with the HSK programme.

Students at WMSII are prepared for Academic Excellence through a combination of teaching approaches that recognises their individual learning pace and patterns.

  • Set teaching and differentiated learning in mixed ability classes are both practised in our daily schedules.
  • Personalised student improvement monitoring ensures that teachers can track and monitor each individual’s progress over time.
  • Students are also taught to set personal academic goals and plan how to achieve them.
  • Short-term intervention classes for small groups (max 4 pax) for very weak students are conducted when necessary after school.

WMSI has a proven academic track record in both SPM and IGCSE.

C – Character Building with Christian Values!

At the heart of education is educating the heart. At WMSII, we believe in fundamental truth and we teach this truth to our students as well as impart our values in all the programmes and actions of all our staff. From our academically rigorous curriculum to the compulsory chapel services, from the Boys’ Brigade and Girls Brigade programme to the wide options of extra-curriculum activities, everything we do at WMSII is to ensure that positive character development is taking place in every student at WMSII.

Here we strive to create a culture that values good character based on our core values.

  • God-Centredness
  • Respect for Life
  • Integrity
  • Excellence with Humility

E – Extra-curricular Achievements

Every child is uniquely and wonderfully created by God. WMSII provides a wide range of engaging activities that enriched the lives of our students as well as enhancing their soft skills like communication, teamwork and leadership in our students. This will immensely build their self-worth and help them grow to be God-fearing, confident individuals that will contribute back to society.